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Контроль давления / DigiTire TPMS-201

Tire pressure monitoring system DigiTire TPMS-201


The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) was the " anticipation initiative " automobile safty protection system, it provides the early warning before the dangerous appeared, avoided the significant traffic accident occurs. On November 1st, 2000, the United States Congress formulated the law to requests the new vehicle should be taken the standard device in succession after Noverber 1st 2005. Simultaneously The Unropean Union also made the similar stipulation. Therefore people called TPMS the third automobile safety system.as well as ABS and air bags.


When the pressure is low:

The tire attrition intensifies, the life reduces, the automobile oil consumption increases, when high speed drive it is easy to have the blowout, cause the dramatic traffic accident.


When the pressure is high:

The tire stresses the soil fertility reduces, the braking performance weaken, the tire fast attrition, simultaneously increases the attrition for suspension system.


When the tire is being fast leakage:

If you continue to drive, it will cause the tire complete damage, thus bring the unnecessary losses.


When the pressure is unbalance:

Driving and braking is easy to be out of track.


The tire maintenance is every qualified vehicle owner’s main routine work. The key is whether the tire pressure is normal or not. Usually ,the Auto factory presses the standard pressure sign in the vehicle door inside or oil container nearby, but many owners neglected it.They only check the pressure with their naked eyes. When the tire was found abnormal, it has already deviated the standard pressure up to 30%-40%, so the visual method was extremely unreliable.


Integrated Display

Compact integration: TPMS-201 integrates the antennas, receiver, ID module and display that make the mainframe compact and easy to install.
Clear human-natured big screen with blue backlight.
Just one glance to see 4 wheels: Four tire’s pressure and temperature are shown on the display simultaneously.
Real-time monitoring: The system will monitor the tire condition in real-time no matter the vehicle is moving or resting.


International patent pending ID module technology: Recalibration or reprogramming is not needed when you change the wheel position or replace the sensor.


Aluminum ultra light design.
Original factory necessary standard. Surpass 5 years' service.
Each sensor has it’s own exclusive ID number

Display Power Connecting

In one package, two connecting of display power could satisfy your different requirements. One is used to connect to the cigarette lighter, and the other to the battery wires.